The true story…

… of one thirty-something couple (and their pets)…

… choosing to live in an RV…

…travel the country together and have their lives blogged about…

…to find out what happens when people stop being polite…

… and start living in an RV.

Screen Shot 2014-12-27 at 5.00.14 PM

We are exactly what we sound like: Not Gen Xers, not Gen Yers… a 30-something couple that some may classify as “Millennials,” but we clearly feel more connected to the Greatest Generation than the Selfie Generation.

This blog will follow our adventures as first time RV owners as we travel around the country on a national Broadway tour as a dancer (me) and freelance writer and editor (him).

We live in a 2003 Jayco Firenza (AKA Housecar/Roadhouse) with a mastiff mix dog and bengal cat, all while towing a 2008 Toyota Prius on a 2014 Mastertow dolly.

So hit this cute “Follow Us” button on the right to keep up and see what kind of trouble we can find nationwide in our xyRV.



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