On the Road Again: Milwaukee to San Antonio

2014-12-07 21.09.30

I am happy to report that this leg of our tour was blissfully quiet. We didn’t hit much traffic, we stayed in two KOA’s overnight along the way, and got to San Antonio without much event. (A nice change from our last travel day…)

So instead of a traditional blog post, I’ll make this a cute little photo essay and call it a (travel) day.

2014-12-08 01.11.58

We passed through St. Louis our first night. We meant to stop for the night but we were feeling awake so we kept on trucking. (Erm, RV-ing. As it were.)

2014-12-08 11.25.29

Mikko keeps guard as we stopped for gas. Or was just watching squirrels. He loathes them.

2014-12-08 13.06.40

Copeland isn’t usually a lap cat by any stretch of the imagination…. except when we are traveling. Then he’s like the Downy bear Snuggles on crack. Go figure.

2014-12-08 17.18.27

Copeland also likes to find various perches as we roll along the road. This one is nice because it;s close to dad, while being far above the dog, where he believes he always belongs.

 2014-12-08 15.14.05

I guess we did have ONE tiny snafu… at the Cracker Barrel, we pulled in all excited for our big parking spot specifically for RV’s…. 

2014-12-08 15.14.19

… that we found mostly blocked by SMALL CARS. Grrrrr. So here’s your Public Service Announcement for this blog- if the sign SAYS RV’s and BUSES ONLY, PLEASE adhere to this. We larger autos have limited options to begin with and navigating around your Toyota Corolla is the last thing we need while were are hungry and cranky. Thank you. 

*Cue shooting star and “The More You Know” music.”

2014-12-08 13.07.32-1Another one of Copeland’s favorite hang outs. I get it though- it’s sunny,  near mom and dad, and a great view of the road.

2014-12-08 16.36.17

Mikko likes to sit in the driver’s seat while we get gas. It looks hilarious when you’re walking back from grabbing snacks, like he’s ready to drive the RV for the next leg of the trip for us.

2014-12-09 13.54.10Mikko’s favorite sleeping spot is appropriate. The piece of the RV-real estate that he’s sleeping on is the cover for the engine compartment and is apparently nicknamed the “Dog House.”  So I guess we can now call Mikko “Snoopy.”


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