One final Milwaukee SNAFU… ((Milwaukee))

We were all but gone.


All we had to do was get a new trailer. (Our last one kind of exploded.)

A simple proposition…. or so we thought. We were so confident of the ease of this task, we even left it to the last few days in town.


On Friday, I called a local trailer dealer. Our conversation went a little like this.


Selena: “Hi there, we are in the market for a new Master Tow trailer for our RV, preferably with surge brakes. Do you have any in stock?”

Sales woman (In a THICK Wisconsin accent. Think Fargo.): “Oh yes, we have plenty.”

Selena: “Wonderful! Can we pick it up on Sunday?”

Sales woman: “Oh no. We aren’t open on Sundays. It’s the Sabbath?” (With the word “Sabbath” said in a “Don’t you know anything, you heathen?” kind of tone.

Selena: “Uh huh. So… I guess we’ll be there on Saturday then.”


This presented us with a few problems:

1. I have two shows Saturday.

2. We were planning on picking the trailer up with the RV on Sunday, on our way out of town. But since was apparently the Sabbath, we would have to unhook our rig, pull in the slide outs, bring in the jacks, get the pets ready, and secure the RV a day early to drive it over to pick it up. Or we could rent a truck.


Since the trailer shop was an hour away, we rented a truck to save gas. (Never thought I’d say that, but the average truck has much better gas milage than our housecar.) I had seen truck rental by the hour at Home Depot, so we picked up a truck and drove the hour to the trailer store before the first show on Saturday.


It wasn’t until they had wheeled out our trailer and it was all paid for when we realized that the truck wasn’t equipped with a tow package.  We had brought our own ball hitch, but when we tried to put it on the truck, a welded bolt would stop it before we could secure it.


Uh oh.


A quick call to Home Depot broke the bad news- their rental trucks aren’t allowed to to ANYTHING.


We were running out of time- I had a show to do, but the trailer shop closed at 2 pm. Phillip had to get me to the theater in time for work, return the truck, and then go home and unhook the RV, pull in the slide outs, bring in the jacks, get the pets ready, and secure the RV for the hour drive to pick up the trailer, all before 2 pm.


And the clock was already hitting 12.


Miraculously, he managed to make it back to the trailer shop JUST in time. I came home after two shows to a fully packed RV, a new trailer, and an exhausted boyfriend.


But on the bright side,  we got to enjoy our first Sabbath with our new trailer the next day.


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