A Mini-Winter in Milwaukee, Pt. 2 ((Milwaukee))

Snafu #2 came soon after our first week in Milwaukee. And it looked like this:

2014-11-15 23.18.51

A winter wonderland indeed…

The next few weeks got progressively colder, as a Polar Vortex (or whatever the nightly news dubbed it that year) descended upon mid-America. We bought heaters encased in plastic that seemed the least likely to start a housecar fire and plugged them in, only to blow a fuse almost immediately.

After a few resets of our fusebox and figuring out what we could have plugged in and where around the house, we had our heaters roaring and were relatively warm.


Why not just use the propane furnace, you ask? Well, electricity was free at this site, and our propane tank isn’t removable, so if we ran out we would have to unhook and drive to a filling station. To avoid this hassle, we planned on relying as much as we could on the two small heaters, blankets, and cuddling.


This lasted about two days before my Floridian sensibilities couldn’t stand it anymore. RV’s aren’t called “All Weather Vehicles” for a reason. They’re “Recreational,” which means, to me at least, “Warm Weather, Summer-fun-time” vehicles. Not much insulation to speak of, and a million tiny, drafty holes to think about from top to bottom.


I researched how to insulate an RV to live in the winter climes, and found two projects that promised to help with the heat-loss.


The first was something that my Northerner friends were well versed in- window shrink wrapping. Apparently, if you just get a window wrapping kit from your local hardware store and shrink wrap your windows with a thin layer of plastic, it is enough to keep the heat in the house more efficiently. Miracle upon miracles, to my Floridian brain at least.

2014-11-12 00.49.20

Tools of the winterizing trade.

After wrapping all of my windows tighter than our Thanksgiving leftovers, I got some cute fleece fabric and velcrow-ed them to the plastic, so that I could take them down to let in more light, if I so chose. This, in my mind, would add yet another small layer of protection from radiant heat loss and drafts that were making our housecar so chilly.

2014-11-10 20.37.04 2014-11-10 20.34.59


Velcrow a go-go!

And you know what? It seemed to work!

2014-11-11 00.26.212014-11-11 00.27.57


With the shades down, you don’t even see the fleece from the inside!

I was feeling pretty proud of myself (and relatively warm too!) after I finished my window insulation projects. The weather outside was truly getting frightful, reaching down to 0 degrees with a wicked windchill down to the negative digits on some days!

With no windbreaks in the fairground RV park, we had to quickly invest in a heated hose and insulation for the city water pipe coming out of the ground, but even that didn’t protect us from the next mini-winter calamity that befell us….


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