A Mini-Winter in Milwaukee, Pt. 1 ((Milwaukee))

We got our first taste of winter in November when we spent the month on the Wisconsin State Fair grounds in Milwaukee. We rolled in (after an exciting blown-tire-on-our-dolly incident) late at night, so the head office was kind enough to leave our registration info taped to their front door.

2014-11-10 18.01.03Site C-5… AKA Home Sweet Home for the next 30 days

We left the hookups for the morning and collapsed into a heap of sleep. And to be clear, by “we” left the hookups for the morning,” I really mean Phillip, as I had a cast meeting at 10am in the beautiful Milwaukee theater, leaving my intrepid boyfriend to set up camp for us.

The month started out nice, temperature wise, hovering in the mid-fifties for the first week. We took the fine weather as a good omen, and proceeded to be the professional tourists that we are by touring New Glarus Brewery, a famous brewery in the central Wisconsin area.

2014-11-10 13.49.05

Brews a go-go!

2014-11-10 14.32.42

A lovely fall day!

We should have known the relative peace wouldn’t last….

Our first rude awakening was a wet one. A knock on our door awoke us one rainy morning. I had been dozing, hearing the drip-drip of raindrops for  a few minutes before a neighbor rattled our front door and informed us that it in fact was not raining, but our rig was spraying water everywhere like a fountain at the Bellagio.

I thanked him, admired the spray outside, and shuffled back though a huge puddle in the kitchen to wake Phillip up.

Wait. A what?

Our kitchen was gradually becoming completely flooded.

2014-11-15 10.18.07A drawer full of water.

Phillip jumped out of bed and tightened whatever was leaking in the back of our fridge outside. Turns out there was a hose with a loose connector, and as the temperature dropped from the mid-fifties to the mid-thirties, the connector had contracted, popping off of the hose that fed our ice maker in the fridge. The excess water was not only spraying outside the rig, but flowing down the back of the fridge and into our sub-fridge drawer. When the drawer was full, it flowed out onto our floor.


After a soggy day or two and a few trips to Target for extra towels and buckets of Damp-Rid, we breathed a sigh of relief and braced for the next, inevitable snafu.

As it turned out, we wouldn’t have to wait long…


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