The RV World, A Recap…

The Post-RV Life – A Recap of our Three Weeks…

A few days before we had to return our little home on wheels, I turned to Phillip and actually said the words “I don’t want to move out.”

Somehow, against all the odds, I had grown attached to our little 80 square feet of (mobile) home. I had gotten used to quick, hot showers in the rig; I looked forward to sitting at the picnic table for breakfast; I loved coming home to a roaring campfire and the promise of a hot dog and s’mores dinner with my little family.

And it seemed I wasn’t the only one preemptively nostalgic for our RV Life. Phillip immediately concurred with my sentiment, and I wondered how our dog would adjust to not getting to play outside on a 20 ft. lead tied to our picnic table every day.

But it’s easy to be attached to your current living situation, whatever it may be. It’s comfortable, known, routine…

how would we feel a few weeks away from our RV experience looking back?

Now that we’ve returned to brick and mortar living here in our next city on tour, (Boston!) I can honestly say there’s still a huge part of me that misses that little thing. Yes, I do enjoy my 20 minute hot showers, the glamorous 900 square feet of room, and big screen tv with Roku setup…. But I am beginning to think that this apartment-life just isn’t for me anymore.

I’ve had a taste of the RV Life, and I’m not sure I’m the same anymore.

2014-09-08 20.17.39

 Mikko, I’ve a feeling we’re not in the KOA anymore….


(The actual Pros of our time in the RV in Montreal, not the imagined Pros, which include, but aren’t limited to: Never having to unpack, look for housing, or throw out and buy condiments when we switch cities ever again…)

  • Outside time. Meals on the picnic table, the dog being able to lay about under the tree, communing with nature like we never get to in a city.
  • Nature trails. Running with the dog in the morning was never a chore.
  • Still a novelty, and satisfying to Phillip in a way I, as a man, will seemingly never understand. (I think it goes along the lines of “Me. Man. Make. Fire. *grunt*”)
  • I am not exaggerating when I say that we were completely surrounded by cornfields. While this did make our viewing of Children of the Corn in our last city completely well timed and a little unsettling at night, it also made for a lovely neighborhood noise level.
  • No crate for the dog. We crate train our dog so that when we are gone he has a safe place to rest- safe for him, and safe for our security deposit. In the RV, there was no room for the crate, so he got to run free the whole time, making us feel better about taking a few extra hours in the city.
  • Fresh air. No smog. No sirens. No gunshots. No motorcycle engines roaring through the night. Just the fresh, country air.


(I actually feel that most of these will resolve themselves if we buy our own RV, and even if they don’t, it’s honestly all things i can deal with…)

  • Drive time. We were about 30 minutes from the city, and any RV park we find won’t be downtown, we’re assuming. So the commute is definitely extended.
  • Short showers. This is only a semi-con. I should probably take shorter showers in life anyway.
  • Small living space. This should also be a semi-con. I got used to it pretty quick, honestly, and we are (mostly) a family of cuddlers anyway. (Copeland doesn’t know the meaning of the word.)
  • The bed. Was. HORRIBLE. But it’s a rental, and not meant for long term living. We certainly would get a better mattress in our own rig.
  • WI-FI. We used the KOA’s signal, which was waning and weak, at best. But we pre-downloaded the second season of The Wire (which we are almost done with, no spoilers!) and made do with what we had.


And so, armed with this experience of three weeks in a 30ft C-Class, we are proceeding with caution towards owning our own RV sometime before the New Year.

Now, the search begins…..


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