An Old-Fashioned-Laundry-Room Showdown, as told by Phillip… ((San Antonio))

So apparently we didn’t know we were among royalty.


((Phillip was doing our last load of laundry on the last Sunday morning before we rolled out of town. He was just folding the last of our clothes when two people came into the laundry room and promptly caused quite a scene.

This is the story, as told by Phillip.)) > > >

(San Antonio was our) Home for the Holidays!

Christmas-time has always been a big deal to me.

I love everything about the holiday season- the decorations, the family-time, the food, the shopping, the sales, the soul-trampling crowds… ok, almost everything. Anywho, this year was going to be a little more special, though, because this year we were going to have all of those things for the first time in our little Housecar.

I could hardly wait to start cramming it with holiday stuffs! > > >

A Mini-Winter in Milwaukee, Pt. 3 ((Milwaukee))

Our winter was rolling along quite nicely in Milwaukee so far. We had insulated our windows with plastic and fleece to keep the heat from our tiny, electric heaters in the housecar. We had our winter clothes sent up from Florida and were bundled up accordingly. We even had a dog jacket for our puppy to wear on his snowy walks.

2014-12-01 23.19.06

Feeling pleased with ourselves, we spent the next week doing what any red blooded American should be doing in Wisconsin: drinking beer and eating cheese. > > >

A Mini-Winter in Milwaukee, Pt. 2 ((Milwaukee))

Snafu #2 came soon after our first week in Milwaukee. And it looked like this:

2014-11-15 23.18.51

A winter wonderland indeed…

The next few weeks got progressively colder, as a Polar Vortex (or whatever the nightly news dubbed it that year) descended upon mid-America. We bought heaters encased in plastic that seemed the least likely to start a housecar fire and plugged them in, only to blow a fuse almost immediately.

After a few resets of our fusebox and figuring out what we could have plugged in and where around the house, we had our heaters roaring and were relatively warm. > > >

A Mini-Winter in Milwaukee, Pt. 1 ((Milwaukee))

We got our first taste of winter in November when we spent the month on the Wisconsin State Fair grounds in Milwaukee. We rolled in (after an exciting blown-tire-on-our-dolly incident) late at night, so the head office was kind enough to leave our registration info taped to their front door.

2014-11-10 18.01.03Site C-5… AKA Home Sweet Home for the next 30 days

We left the hookups for the morning and collapsed into a heap of sleep. And to be clear, by “we” left the hookups for the morning,” I really mean Phillip, as I had a cast meeting at 10am in the beautiful Milwaukee theater, leaving my intrepid boyfriend to set up camp for us. > > >

The RV Life: Our first move

We only had our rig for about two weeks before we had to face our first move. Usually, moving between cities on the tour that I’m on means a couple hours of packing all my crap into luggage and/or large tupperware bins and cramming it all into my Prius, Tetris-style.

Now, packing means going to my last show of the week while my amazing boyfriend readies our housecar for the road.

This (apparently) includes, but is not limited to: … > > >